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Rights Jessore believes a newsletter is an important vehicle for dissemination of information and experiences on trafficking issues.


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Who we are
Rights Jessore is a leading human rights organisation in Bangladesh dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights, prevention the human trafficking and providing service to the victims of human trafficking ensuring the support of victim rescue, repatriation, reintegration and rehabilitation. Rights Jessore is working in the south-western region of Bangladesh since 1991. Through forum formation, capacity building, networking and documentations of violations the Rights Jessore created enable environment of prevention, protection and prosecution the victims of trafficking. Rights Jessore has a General Council comprising of 31 members and a nine member Executive Committee formed by the General Council. This Executive Committee is working as the policy making body of the organization. 

Activities of RJ 

Prevention Initiatives

Courtyard meetings

Rights Jessore organizes Courtyard Meetings at village level with the vulnerable women and children to raise awareness on what is human trafficking,causes and grave consequences of trafficking, methods used in trafficking, vulnerability to trafficking and how to prevent trafficking. IEC materials are also used in the courtyard meetings. About 50 participants attend in every courtyard meeting.

Orientation Sessions with Students

Rights Jessore organizes Orientation Sessions in primary and secondary schools to raise awareness among the students about trafficking, its causes and consequences, methods used, mechanisms to combat trafficking etc. About 100 students attend in each session.

Theatre performances

Rights Jessore organizes Theatre Performances at union level on the issue of trafficking in women and children to raise mass awareness among the community, especially women and children.
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